Individual registration will close on 15th July 2021
You will be issued a Jamboree Username which will be used in login to the event platform.
You will be issued a pending approval and then it will be confirmed by Jamboree organizers with the endorsement from your NSO. This will be internally done by Jamboree organizers.

Registration categories

Youth Participants - Scouts ( 11-18 years old) & Rover Scouts (18-26 years old)
Adult Leaders - Head of the contingent & unit leaders
Registration through invitation - For the Key Leaders of the National Scout Association (Chief Executive, Secretary general, Chief /National Commissioner, International Commissioner etc.)

Registration fee
It’s free of charge

Safe from Harm Check for Online safety

Step 01

Watch the following Video on Safe from Harm in Scouting.

Step 02

Learn about the golden rules of internet safety & follow them in Global Cultural Jamboree

Step 03

Be Smart Online by taking following precautions

Step 04